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What Is The Best Language To Study? Your Information And Quiz

Able to study a brand new language? Wish to know which of them you’ll be able to study with ease? Whether or not you’re involved about effort and time or simply wish to really feel achieved ASAP, take a more in-depth have a look at this checklist of simple languages to study

In any case, whereas mastering some languages can really feel like climbing your individual private Everest, there’ll be different languages that you just’ll have the ability to decide up a lot quicker. 

So, as an alternative of combating an uphill battle or plowing on with a language you’re not loving, why not allow us to let you know which language you’re destined to energy by means of in document time?

In search of your language soulmate?

Earlier than stepping into the nitty gritty of vocab, verb conjugations and all that different hullabaloo, it’s value asking your self: which language will I discover the simplest to study? 

Uncover which language might be best for you and select from 14 languages that we provide.

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Your distinctive language expertise may make some languages simpler to study than others. Success within the language-learning division depends upon a bunch of issues: the place you’re from; what you’re good at; and even what – or whom – you select to encompass your self with. In reality, quite a lot of it comes right down to the person. 

That mentioned, there’s no denying that there are languages that many individuals discover simpler to study!  This checklist particularly focuses on simple languages to study for English audio system, primarily based on how lengthy it takes to study them in accordance with knowledge from the US Division of State.

So, what’s the best overseas language to study?

10 Best Languages Chart



Approx. Time to Study



24 weeks



24 weeks



24 weeks



24 weeks



24 weeks



24 weeks


Pretty Straightforward

30 weeks



36 weeks



36 weeks



36 weeks

When you have been questioning, “What’s the best language to study?,” it’s true that it depends upon what languages you communicate already. Nonetheless, some languages are simply usually thought of more durable than others.

International languages which have extra advanced grammar guidelines, distinctive writing methods, and trickier pronunciation for non-speakers, no matter their earlier language-learning expertise, might be more durable for everybody. In reality, most of the hardest languages to study have distinctive writing methods, advanced grammar, or tonal parts – which means you must grasp vocal pitches on prime of the whole lot else.

These languages, then again, are comparatively easy, particularly for English audio system. They use the Roman alphabet, don’t depend on tone or pitch so as to add which means, and in lots of instances share some vocabulary with English!

The highest 10 best languages to study, in accordance with consultants

To say any language is an simple language to study is talking comparatively, after all. Mastering any language takes just a little time and elbow grease! 

However, in the event you’re on the lookout for one thing you’ll be able to achieve fluency in shortly – or are discovering that your tongue is tripping on the language you thought you needed to study – these are the highest choices for English audio system.

1. Dutch

Approximate time to study: 24 weeks (600 class hours)

The place it’s spoken: Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname, Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten

Dutch is a Germanic language with important grammatical and vocabulary overlap with English. In reality, amongst broadly spoken languages, it’s the one which’s most much like English.

For instance, the Dutch phrase for ‘office’ is werkplaats, ‘rainfall’ is regenval, and in the event you needed to say ‘pardon me?’ since you didn’t perceive one thing somebody mentioned, you’d say Pardon, wat zei u? (pronounced “pahr-dohn, vat zay ew?”)

Price noting: Technically talking, Frisian, one other a lot much less widespread Germanic language is probably the most linguistically comparable language to English, however on condition that there are solely round half one million audio system put collectively of three completely different Frisian dialects, sources and alternatives to study and follow Frisian are a lot fewer!

2. Spanish

Approximate time to study: 24 weeks (600 class hours)

The place it’s spoken: Official standing in 20 completely different international locations, together with Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Cuba, and plenty of extra

Specialists usually checklist Spanish as the simplest language to study, interval. However why is Spanish a simple language to study? As a result of Spanish pronunciation is pretty simple, the grammar is extra versatile than different Romance languages, and it shares some vocabulary with English in addition to the opposite Romance languages.

Plus, as one of many most spoken languages on the earth, there are tons of sources obtainable that can assist you study, and native audio system are simple to seek out.

3. Italian

Approximate time to study: 24 weeks (600 class hours)

The place it’s spoken: Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, Vatican Metropolis

Italian is a famously lovely language, however is Italian a simple language to study? We are saying sure! Italian pronunciation may be very predictable when you perceive how sounds are translated into spelling, and Italian grammar is simple sufficient to grasp. 

And in the event you occur to have taken Latin in class, you’ll possible have much more of a leg up as Italian might be the closest dwelling language to Latin.

4. Swedish

Approximate time to study: 24 weeks (600 class hours)

The place it’s spoken: Sweden, Finland (together with Finnish)

Whereas just a little additional away on the household tree than Dutch, Swedish and the opposite Scandinavian languages (like Norwegian and Danish) are additionally Germanic languages, like English. That makes them comparatively simple for English audio system to select up.

Whereas Swedish pronunciation generally is a little tough – it has three extra vowels you’ll should deal with – the grammar is pretty easy and Swedish vocabulary has some overlap with English, making it one other nice choice in the event you’re seeking to study a simple language. 

Price noting: Norwegian and Danish are additionally simple languages to study in the identical household and take across the identical quantity of research. We picked Swedish to signify the Scandinavian languages as a result of it’s probably the most broadly spoken, however you’ll be able to think about all three worthy entries for this checklist!

5. Portuguese

Approximate time to study: 24 weeks (600 class hours)

The place it’s spoken: Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe, Macau

Whereas we’ve been taking a look at languages from an English perspective, if you end up asking, “What’s the best language to study for Spanish audio system?” Portuguese would most likely be it!

Portuguese generally is a little trickier when it comes to pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary than Spanish or Italian, however remains to be a reasonably simple language to study within the grand scheme of issues. And in the event you already communicate some Spanish, all the higher!

The large factor to notice is that there’s a reasonably noticeable distinction between European and Brazilian Portuguese, which developed new phrases and phrases to replicate the numerous cultures and peoples represented in South America.

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6. Romanian

Approximate time to study: 24 weeks (600 class hours)

The place it’s spoken: Romania, Moldova

You might be stunned to see Romanian on this checklist, however in reality, it’s one other Romance language, which means it shares linguistic DNA with Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French. 

Certain, there’s a Slavic affect on the language, and also you’ll should get used to some unfamiliar diacritics and a few grammatical quirks in the event you select to study Romanian. But it surely ought to nonetheless be surprisingly easy crusing, in case you have the time and motivation to study!

7. French

Approximate time to study: 30 weeks (750 class hours)

The place it’s spoken: Official standing in 28 completely different international locations, together with France, Belgium, Canada, Haiti, Cameroon, Rwanda, Madagascar, Equatorial Guinea, and plenty of extra

French is broadly spoken – and broadly thought of the language of affection! So, after all, many potential learners marvel, is French a simple language to study? And the reply is, usually, sure! Though as you’ll be able to see, it takes just a little extra work to grasp than the primary six entries on this checklist. 

French is just a little trickier for a couple of causes. First, as a result of most of the verb conjugation endings sound pretty comparable, spoken French wants pronouns and context that may usually be dropped in among the different Romance languages. Plus, the pronunciation and spelling could be trickier for brand spanking new French learners.

And at last, like Portuguese, the dialects of French could be very completely different, with vast variations in pronunciation and vocabulary (although all the time mutually intelligible!).

The excellent news is, French shares extra vocabulary with English than every other Romance language because of the historic connections between France and England!

8. German

Approximate time to study: 36 weeks (900 class hours)

The place it’s spoken: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland

Is German a simple language to study? Sure and no. Since it’s a Germanic language – albeit one of many ones least like English – English audio system may have a giant benefit when beginning to study German. Pronunciation generally is a little tough at first, however is pretty simple when you get the grasp of it.

Nonetheless, German grammar is infamously befuddling, which might be why it takes just a little longer to study than, say, Swedish or Dutch.

9. Malay

Approximate time to study: 36 weeks (900 class hours)

The place it’s spoken: Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia

Learners who wish to look previous European languages may ask, what’s the best Asian language to study? And that must be Malay – though Indonesian, a detailed linguistic cousin to Malay, deserves a particular point out too.  

Price noting: For a few years, Malay and Indonesian have been thought of the identical language, and names are nonetheless tough. For our functions, after we say Malay we imply Malaysian Malay (a.okay.a. Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia), whereas Bahasa Indonesia is what we’re calling Indonesian.

Each languages use the Roman alphabet, are pretty simple to pronounce, and Malay grammar – although very completely different from English – is simple to make use of as soon as you realize the principles.

So why does Malay edge out Indonesian for ease of studying? As a result of Malay has a reasonably notable overlap with English as a result of former British colonial presence in Singapore and Malaysia. 

10. Swahili

Approximate time to study: 36 weeks (900 class hours)

The place it’s spoken: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania

Final however definitely not least, in the event you’re on the lookout for a brand new language to study, think about Swahili! It’s a Bantu language, which means it may open the door to a whole bunch of different associated African languages, and it’s technically no more durable to study than German! 

Swahili shares a major variety of mortgage phrases with English and much more with Arabic, so in case you have any Arabic beneath your belt, this could possibly be an excellent alternative for you.

And people are the ten best languages to study!

However keep in mind: whereas these could also be thought of the simplest, they could not essentially be the simplest ones for you.

For instance, let’s say you have been questioning, is Korean a simple language to study? 

The reality is that when it comes to sheer hours you’d must put in to study fluent Korean, it’s one of many hardest languages for English audio system to study. The US Division of State says it takes 88 weeks of research to study Korean (as in comparison with the 24 to 36 weeks of the opposite languages on this checklist). 

However in case you have a ardour for Korean tradition or Korean family and friends that can assist you follow, you’d most likely discover that you’ve extra motivation and alternatives to work in your Korean! In that case, Korean would most likely be a lot simpler so that you can study than, say, Romanian.

What makes a language simple to study for you? 6 elements to contemplate

Questioning how the quiz works? Right here’s the low-down on our logic.

1. Your native language

Once you’re diving into a brand new overseas language, you’ll naturally flip to your mom tongue as your reference level. This implies you’ll possible discover it simpler to study a overseas language that shares similarities together with your native language. 

For instance, it’s no coincidence that many native English audio system discover French to be an simple language to study, regardless of among the technical challenges. There are a whopping 10,000 English phrases that carefully resemble French phrases (we wish to name these cognates).

And in the event you’re already fluent in a Romance language like French? Effectively, likelihood is that you just’ll discover it simpler to study one other language within the Romance household, like Spanish or Italian.

2. Your publicity to different overseas languages

Whether or not you’re an English speaker and your grandparents communicate Italian, otherwise you’re Japanese and you like rocking out to Drake’s greatest hits in English, any publicity to a overseas language will most likely imply you’ve already began selecting up bits and items with out realizing it. 

So, if you must select between studying a overseas language from scratch and studying one which means that you can construct in your current data? It’s a no brainer.

3. Your strengths as a language learner

Whereas a few of us could have a knack for grammar, others may get their kicks out of memorizing a bunch of vocabulary – or perhaps a complete new alphabet. 

No matter your language skills could also be, it’s value figuring out them if you’re contemplating what the simplest overseas language could be for you. Choose a language that’ll play to your strengths and also you’ll discover the ‘hardest’ elements of studying a specific language could be probably the most enjoyable!  

4. Your grasp of grammatical buildings 

The best way you perceive grammar will, once more, naturally hyperlink again to the patterns and buildings you’re used to seeing in your native language. And for that motive, you’ll usually discover  simple languages to study amongst overseas languages which have comparable sentence buildings and phrase orders to your mom tongue.

5. Your pronunciation

They are saying the place you’re from helps you resolve the place you’re going – and the identical is true for deciding which overseas language you’ll discover the simplest to study. 

An enormous a part of mastering any language is the talking half – so in the event you select to study a language that makes use of comparable sounds to those you’re already used to announcing, you’ve already received a big a part of the training battle. 

As an example, Scottish of us who’re used to rolling their ‘r’s discover Spanish pronunciation simpler than most!

6. Your motivation

Having mentioned all that, don’t overlook that you just’ve obtained to truly wish to study a language to seek out the training course of ‘simple.’ As a result of, as a lot as we’d all wish to assume in any other case, studying a brand new language doesn’t occur in a single day.  

It takes effort and time to study and ideal any talent, so, what’s the best language to study? It might simply be the language you’ve obtained probably the most motivation to pursue. 

Able to study one of many best languages?

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