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What Is Snow? How Does It Kind? (Plus Free Worksheet + Slides)

There’s nothing extra thrilling than looking the classroom window and seeing the primary snowflakes of the yr. (Sorry, no matter different classes you had deliberate at the moment are ruined!) As soon as the squeals of enjoyment die down, the query “How does snow kind?” is an superior one to discover for college kids of all ages. That will help you get ready for every time that excellent second happens, we’ve gathered kid-friendly explanations, info, and actions associated to snow in a single helpful place.

Don’t miss our free snow science downloadable bundle! Seize ready-to-use Google Slides with snow vocabulary and info. Plus, get a “How Does Snow Kind?” studying comprehension worksheet.

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What’s snow and the way does it kind?

It’s simple to speak about how snow is chilly, moist, and enjoyable. It’s a bit tougher to clarify how snow occurs! Lean on our free Google Slides to get the dialogue going.

What’s snow?

What is snow intro slide with video.
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Snow is ice crystals that fall from the sky. 

Snow occurs when water vapor (water in gasoline kind) freezes into ice with out turning to liquid first.

How does snow kind?

Slide with thermometer graphic that says it must be 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) or colder to snow.
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How does snow kind? All of it begins up within the clouds on a chilly day. It should be 32 levels Fahrenheit (0 levels Celsius) or colder to snow.

Flow chart showing how snow forms.
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Snow crystals begin when water vapor sticks to a speck of dust, mud, or pollen in a cloud. As extra water vapor sticks to this moist speck, it freezes right into a tiny ice ball. Increasingly water vapor sticks to the ice ball to make a six-sided crystal. The corners of the hexagon “department out” as extra water vapor sticks there, starting a snowflake form.

Slide with cloud and snowflake graphics that says A snow crystal grows and changes as it falls through its cloud. Gravity pulls it down from the clouds. And then it’s snowing!
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A snow crystal grows and adjustments because it falls by its cloud. Gravity pulls it down from the clouds. After which it’s snowing!

Slide with photo and graphics of snowflakes that says Scientists use both “snow crystals” and “snowflakes” to describe pieces of snow. Usually, the “snowflakes” we can see fall are many tiny snow crystals stuck together.
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Scientists use each “snow crystals” and “snowflakes” to explain items of snow. Normally, the “snowflakes” we will see fall are many tiny snow crystals caught collectively.

Slide with photo of car covered in snow that says When the ground is cold enough, falling snowflakes stick and pile up there!
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When the bottom is chilly sufficient, falling snowflakes stick and pile up there!

How does snow have an effect on our local weather?

Slide with photo of open plain covered in snow that says snow helps keep our planet at the right temperature. Areas covered in snow reflect sunlight. Darker surfaces, like dirt, absorb (soak up) more of the sun’s heat, making the Earth warmer.
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Snow performs a vital function in Earth’s ecosystem.

Snow helps maintain our planet on the proper temperature. Areas coated in snow mirror daylight. Darker surfaces, like dust, take up (take in) extra of the solar’s warmth, making the Earth hotter.

Slide with photo of iceberg that says Melting snow is an important source of water for many people, plants, and animals. Less snow in winter can mean less water in spring and summer in some places.
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Melting snow is a crucial supply of water for many individuals, vegetation, and animals. Much less snow in winter can imply much less water in spring and summer time in some locations.

Slide with images and descriptions of Snowfall—how much it snows

Snow cover—how much of the Earth is covered in snowfall, snowpack and snow cover as related to climate change. 

Snowpack—how much or how thick the snow is on the ground
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To study extra about local weather change and its impacts, scientists acquire knowledge about:

  • Snowfall—how a lot it snows
  • Snow cowl—how a lot of the Earth is roofed in snow
  • Snowpack—how a lot or how thick the snow is on the bottom

How Does Snow Kind? Movies

Want extra assist explaining snow to children? Listed below are a number of of our favourite movies for various ages.

How Does Snow Kind? from Northwest Public Broadcasting Children

How Is Snow Fashioned? And Why Is It White? from Museum of Science

The Science of Snowflakes from TED-Ed

Josh King, Arctic Scientist, from Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants

Info About Snow

There’s “snow” a lot to study this magical climate phenomenon. Share these snow info along with your entire class, or divide children into small teams and use them as inspiration for kid-driven analysis, oral or video displays, posters, or Canva initiatives.

The place does it snow?

Snow covers about one-third of Earth’s land space for some a part of every year.

Slide with images and information about how much snow covers Earth.
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Supply: Local

Mount Rainier, Washington, is the snowiest spot in the US. It will get nearly 56 ft of snow per yr!

Slide with images and information about Mount Rainier, Washington.
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Supply: Farmers’ Almanac

Japan is among the snowiest international locations on the planet. 

Slide with images and information about Japan being one of the snowiest countries.
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Supply: Nationwide Geographic

Forms of Snowy Climate

A snowstorm is any storm by which snow falls. 

Slide with images and information about snowstorms.
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Supply: College Company for Atmospheric Analysis

A snow flurry is when a bit snow falls however doesn’t accumulate, or pile up with out melting. 

Slide with images and information about snow flurries.
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Supply: College Company for Atmospheric Analysis

A snow bathe is when it snows for under a brief period of time.

Slide with images and information about snow showers.
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Supply: College Company for Atmospheric Analysis

A blizzard is a significant snowstorm with excessive winds—a minimum of 35 mph. It lasts for a minimum of three hours. 

Slide with images and information about blizzards.
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Supply: College Company for Atmospheric Analysis

Forms of Snowflakes

Snowflakes at all times have six sides and 6 factors. That is as a result of chemistry of water molecules.

Slide with images and information about why snowflakes have 6 sides.
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Supply: College Company for Atmospheric Analysis

Scientists have names for over 30 shapes of snowflakes.

Slide with images and information about how scientists have names for over 30 types of snowflakes.
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Professional tip: If snow is within the forecast, stick some sheets of black paper or felt within the freezer a number of hours forward of time. Let snowflakes fall on the black floor for college kids to check with magnifying glasses.

Supply: CalTech’s Information To Snowflakes

Essentially the most well-known snowflake sort is a stellar dendrite. (Stellar means associated to a star, and dendrite means tree-like.)

Slide with images and information about stellar dendrites.
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Supply: CalTech’s Information To Snowflakes

Wilson Bentley, nicknamed “Snowflake Bentley,” was the primary particular person to {photograph} a snow crystal up shut by attaching a digicam to a microscope in 1885.

Slide with images and information about Snowflake Bentley
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Supply: Jericho Historic Society’s useful resource web page about Snowflake Bentley. Verify them out for tons extra info, digital photos, and hyperlinks!

Extra Enjoyable Info About Snow

Snow is definitely translucent—nearly see-through. It appears white as a result of snowflakes mirror all the colours of sunshine, which collectively look white.

Slide with images and information about how Snow Is Translucent.
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Supply: Nationwide Snow and Ice Knowledge Middle

It might appear quieter proper after it snows. A layer of recent snow on the bottom absorbs (soaks up) sound. 

Slide with images and information about how snow makes it quieter.
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Supply: Nationwide Snow and Ice Knowledge Middle

Snow is an efficient insulator. Fluffy snow on the bottom contains numerous trapped air, so it could act like a heat blanket. Some animals burrow below the snow to remain hotter.

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Supply: Nationwide Snow and Ice Knowledge Middle

Japanese macaques, additionally referred to as “snow monkeys,” like to make snowballs!

Slide with image of Japanese macaques, also called “snow monkeys,” love to make snowballs!
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Supply: New England Primate Conservancy

Share this video of a younger Japanese macaque rolling a snowball to make your college students smile!

Kids’s Books About Snow

We’ve received a complete checklist of superior image books about winter, however these latest favorites are particular to snow!

Hiya World! Snow by Jill McDonald

Book cover for Hello World! Snow

Excellent in your curious littles in preschool and kindergarten. Don’t be fooled by the truth that it’s a board guide—it’s received numerous nice information for older children too.

Purchase it: Hiya World! Snow on Amazon

The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Surprise by Mark Cassino with Jon Nelson, Ph.D.

Book cover for The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter's Wonder

That is our favourite easy read-aloud for explaining how snow varieties and about several types of snowflakes. The Nationwide Park Service gives a free lesson plan utilizing this guide.

Purchase it: The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Surprise on Amazon

Curious About Snow by Gina Shaw

Book cover for Curious About Snow

Right here’s a one-stop informational learn for all the pieces snow—science, historical past, wow-worthy info, and extra.

Purchase it: Curious About Snow on Amazon

Simply One Flake by Travis Jonker

Book cover for Just One Flake

All ages will recognize this hilarious account of 1 little one’s determined want to catch a snowflake on their tongue.

Purchase it: Simply One Flake on Amazon

Simply Snow Already! by Howard McWilliam

Book cover for Just Snow Already!

This one goes out to all of the kiddos who can’t consider the rest once they know snow is on the way in which. Share it whilst you’re ready for snow, or as a enjoyable introduction to snowy climate forecasting.

Purchase it: Simply Snow Already! on Amazon

Snow Worksheet, Actions, and Lesson Plan

Listed below are only a few of our favourite snow actions which can be simply adaptable for various ages.

Free Worksheet: The Science Behind Snow

What is Snow worksheet with pencil
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Obtain this free snow worksheet for college kids to work on studying comprehension abilities as they study snow.

Attempt it: Simply fill out the shape to get your free snow science useful resource bundle, together with this worksheet.

Lesson Plan: How Does Snow Kind?

Use this low-prep lesson plan from the American Chemical Society to assist children perceive how snowflakes kind. They may create their very own easy mannequin utilizing cotton swabs.

Exercise: 7 Methods To Draw a Snowflake (Free Printable + Video)

Printable worksheet with 7 ways to draw a snowflake on a snowy blue background that is square.
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Excellent for an artwork exercise or quick finishers, this printable sheet plus video exhibits children how to attract seven several types of snowflakes.

Study extra: How To Draw a Snowflake (Printable Sheet + Video)

Webcams: Verify Out Snowy Climate on Mount Washington

Mount Washington Observatory by way of YouTube

No snow close to you? No downside! The climate station on the Mount Washington Observatory hosts a number of webcams you may try anytime along with your class. Additionally they provide tons of climate knowledge so that you can browse with children.

Attempt it: Mount Washington Observatory Webcams

Exercise: “Ought to You Eat Snow?” Persuasive Writing Immediate

Child with mouth open about to eat a snowball
Mandie Barber by way of

Have college students analysis the query “Do you have to eat snow?” (Spoiler: Sure, it’s deliciously chilly, however it nearly positively comprises extra than simply water.) They’ll current their findings as a persuasive signal, letter or pro-and-con checklist, or tip sheet! Older college students will get pleasure from this NPR article about whether or not consuming snow is protected.

Exercise: Espresso Filter Snowflakes

Coffee filter snowflake craft in progress
The Pink Sofa/snowflakes by way of

Making snowflakes is a traditional classroom exercise, however have you ever ever tried utilizing espresso filters as an alternative of paper? It’s so handy to begin with a spherical kind. Problem older college students to make their snowflakes hexagonal.

Attempt it: Espresso Filter Snowflakes at The Pink Sofa

Extra Hyperlinks and Sources About Snow for Academics

Whether or not you’re a snow lover or not, you may want to spice up your personal background information to really feel comfy instructing a science lesson on snow. Make these dependable sources your first cease. (We used them to assist create this web page!)

Nationwide Snow and Ice Knowledge Middle

This College of Colorado–based mostly group’s Fast Info About Snow web page is so helpful and fascinating! Go deeper with their rationalization of the science of snow.

College Company for Atmospheric Analysis

This skilled group’s Middle for Science Schooling articles about snow are nice for trainer background information or as studying materials for older college students.

Environmental Safety Company’s Local weather Change Indicators

Begin on the EPA’s Snow and Ice web page for extra details about how snow and ice can be utilized to supply local weather change knowledge, and why this issues.

CalTech’s Information to Snowflakes

Browse photos and descriptions of assorted varieties of snowflakes. That is an particularly superior useful resource to attach snowflakes to math by studying about shapes and patterns.

Get Your Free How Does Snow Kind? Worksheet and Snow Google Slides for Children

Tablet screen with What Is Snow slideshow and a related snow reading comprehension worksheet for students.
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Simply click on the button beneath to fill out the shape and get instantaneous entry to a free bundle of snow instructing sources, together with Google Slides with kid-friendly explanations and info, and a How Does Snow Kind? worksheet.

Plus, try 50 of the Coolest Winter Science Experiments and Actions and Ideas, Tips, and Lesson Concepts for Winter Out of doors Studying.

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