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Study Spanish for Actual This Time: 20 Important Ideas for Studying Spanish Quick

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Do you know there are 572 million Spanish audio system worldwide? And this quantity is anticipated to develop to over 750 million by the yr 2060. There are 21 international locations world wide the place Spanish is an official language.

What I’m making an attempt to say right here is that studying Spanish is fairly vital, and a extremely good concept.

If you happen to’ve been on the fence about studying Spanish, don’t hesitate—you’ll be tapping right into a tremendously influential and exquisite language. 

On this put up, we’ll present you the 20 most important suggestions for studying Spanish quick.

The information under are listed within the instructed order you need to sort out every job. Whilst you can observe the sections in any order you want, keep in mind that the checklist has been fastidiously deliberate for max effectivity so that you just progress quicker!


1. Grasp the Spanish Alphabet

It could appear apparent, however the very first thing it’s important to do when beginning to be taught a brand new language is to research its alphabet, plus be taught the letters’ completely different sounds

You’ll understand that there are letters in Spanish that English doesn’t have (like ñ or ll). Likewise, there are letters that English makes use of like there isn’t a tomorrow however Spanish tends to keep away from (ok and w are the very best examples).

You should use this primary step as a place to begin to be taught the right pronunciation of single phrases, which will definitely enable you to later in your journey.

Right here’s a easy video that goes over every letter and sound:

2. Study Excessive-frequency Spanish Vocabulary and Phrases

By constructing vocabulary earlier than you start finding out tenses and studying grammar ideas, you’re guaranteeing that you’ll have sufficient phrases to work with when you find yourself prepared to start constructing sentences. 

Whether or not you utilize an app to be taught new every day phrases otherwise you be taught them in chunks, it’s a good suggestion to be taught new phrases by themes. You’ll be able to even strive youngsters’s dictionaries or Spanish apps for teenagers!

Hold it easy, focusing initially on generally used phrases and easy phrases, and work your method as much as extra sophisticated matters.

Listed here are a number of vocabulary lists to get you began, which embrace extra in-depth vocabulary for in a while in your Spanish studying journey:

Each learner has to undergo a starting part the place there are numerous matters that should be realized to be able to begin taking their first steps by themselves.

The phrases you be taught needs to be helpful to you. There is no such thing as a level in studying Spanish phrases if you happen to would by no means use them in your life!

Try this nice video to be taught some glorious newbie phrases:

3. Get Down the Spanish Cognates 

A cognate is a phrase that sounds and means the identical in two languages. And there are a variety of cognates in Spanish and English.

You already know far more Spanish vocabulary than you might have ever imagined! As soon as you realize what cognates are, you’ll begin seeing them in all places! 

Right here’s a number of of the most typical Spanish/English cognates to get you began:

  • Actor — Actor
  • Animal — Animal
  • Café — Espresso
  • Capital — Capital
  • Physician — Physician
  • Elefante — Elephant
  • Familia — Household
  • Resort — Resort
  • Concept — Concept
  • Información — Info
  • Música — Music
  • Nacional — Nationwide
  • Opción — Possibility
  • Problema — Drawback
  • Televisión — Tv
  • Universidad — College

After seeing all of the phrases you already know, it begins to look much less scary, proper? Try this video if you wish to be taught much more cognates:

4. Study Key Spanish Verbs

Now you can begin studying the most vital Spanish verbs. That is the purpose at which you’re now not studying remoted phrases—with the assistance of some verbs, it is possible for you to to begin forming sentences.

Ser, estar (each that means “to be”) are one of the best ways to interrupt the ice. By studying these three grammar monsters, it is possible for you to to speak about your self and what surrounds you.

Right here’s an informative video on ser versus estar:

4. Determine Out Spanish Articles, Gender Guidelines and Plurals

English has three articles (“a,” “an,” “the”), however Spanish has eight!

Each new noun you research ought to have a corresponding article. They have a tendency to offer learners a headache in later phases in the event that they haven’t studied them initially. So be taught them now! For instance, be taught it as el coche (the automotive), not simply coche.

Spanish articles go hand-in-hand with gender and quantity (whether or not one thing is singular or plural), two of the simplest but in addition most vital matters that you must cowl whereas warming up.

By studying these two ideas, you’ll perceive that every Spanish noun and adjective has a particular gender and quantity and you’ll start to get a way of how vital these are to establishing sentences.

Dive deeper into Spanish gender guidelines right here:

5. Pay Consideration to Accentuation Guidelines and Accent Marks

In case you have ever seen written Spanish, you most likely observed that among the letters have little accent marks above them. These are essential if you wish to learn Spanish phrases correctly.

By studying a few accentuation guidelines, you’ll know easy methods to learn and spell Spanish phrases appropriately!

To be taught extra about Spanish accents, try this put up:

7. Study Private Pronouns

Pronouns are an vital element to each language. You might be already in a position to say “a automotive” in Spanish, however what if you wish to speak about “this” or “that” automotive, or possibly “your” automotive?

Private pronouns (“I,” “you,” “he,” and so on.) are an excellent place to begin. 

Plus, pronouns are at all times good for these events while you can’t keep in mind the noun!

For extra on Spanish pronouns, see this put up:

8. Get Into Spanish Tradition and Language Varieties

Now is an efficient time to be taught a bit extra in regards to the tradition of the language you’re finding out.

If you wish to know extra about dialects, music or different attention-grabbing matters simply to boost your Spanish, be at liberty to take a look on the final three hyperlinks or seek for the matters you have an interest in.

Right here’s an excellent put up to take a look at to be taught extra in regards to the completely different types of Spanish:

9. Get to Know Phrase Order and Sentence Constructing

At this stage, you continue to do not need an concept of what Spanish appears to be like like as an entire. That is the very best second to find out about phrase order and sentence constructing!

Don’t fear if you happen to discover phrases you don’t perceive or tenses that baffle you. In time, it’ll come collectively and also you’ll perceive entire sentences.

If you wish to dive deeper into Spanish sentence construction, try this put up:

10. Get Down the Spanish Current Tense

The primary tenses most Spanish college students be taught are the straightforward current and future tenses, in that order.

The current easy is used to speak about your every day routines, primarily. Spanish additionally loves utilizing this tense for various functions (together with the long run!), so it’s a good suggestion to begin with it.

It’s going to most likely take you a while to grasp the endings of the current tense however when you do, the long run easy tense will come very simply.

To learn extra particulars in regards to the Spanish current tense, learn this put up:

11. Then Grasp the Spanish Current Progressive Tense

To make current progressive sentences, your new favourite phrase goes to be the gerundio (gerund).

When you learn to type it in Spanish and pair it with one of many verbs you already know (estar), you’ll be prepared to speak about what you’re doing proper now utilizing the current progressive!

Right here’s an excellent place to be taught the fundamentals of the Spanish progressive tense:

12. Study Relative Spanish Relative Pronouns 

Relative pronouns are phrases that assist us make longer, extra particular sentences simply by including a number of issues right here and there.

Probably the most used relative pronouns are:

  • Que (that, which, who)
  • Quien(es) (who, whom)

Right here’s an instance:

El libro que estoy leyendo es muy interesante. (The ebook that I’m studying could be very attention-grabbing.)

Right here’s a put up in regards to the seven relative pronouns that you must advance your Spanish:

13. Get Down Spanish Verb Negation

Studying easy methods to say “no” and easy methods to negate verbs is without doubt one of the most helpful issues you possibly can be taught in a brand new language.

Each single sentence containing a verb will be transformed right into a unfavourable! You’ll be able to actually double the variety of sentences you possibly can say simply by including a number of phrases.

If you wish to be taught extra about negation in Spanish, see this put up:

14. Transfer On to Irregular Spanish Verbs

The verb gustar (to love) is a bit particular. Get to realize it and its siblings and uncover a brand new dimension of the Spanish language!

However gustar will not be the one verb that may behave in a bizarre method. Spanish has tons of irregular verbs that may make anybody go loopy.

Did you assume you have been performed with verbs? Honey, the social gathering has simply gotten began! Irregular verbs are right here to remain, so get used to them.

15. Study the Spanish Imperfect and Preterite Tenses

These two tenses allow us to speak about the previous, including a brand new layer to the matters we are able to now focus on.

The Spanish imperfect and preterite tenses are fairly often studied collectively in order that the learner can clearly see the variations between them.

Normally, the preterite refers to discrete actions accomplished at one level prior to now, whereas the imperfect is used to speak about an motion that was carried out repeatedly over a time frame prior to now.

16. Grasp the Spanish Conditional Tense

After surviving the imperfect vs. preterite, the conditional tense and conditional sentences will look like a real piece of cake for you.

The conditional is used for lots of functions, from being well mannered to expressing issues that you just “would” do or love to do.

To get into the Spanish conditional tense extra, try this put up:

17. Begin Doing Spanish Instructions

Lastly, learn to give instructions with the crucial. Don’t forget in regards to the unfavourable instructions! (See what I did there?).

You’ll be able to even apply the crucial together with your pet!

If you wish to learn extra about imperatives, learn this put up:

18. Perceive Por Versus Para

Por and para are each prepositions in Spanish, and whereas they’re typically translated to the English phrase “for,” they’ve distinct makes use of and meanings. Understanding the variations between them is essential for correct communication in Spanish. 

Right here’s the fundamentals:

Use por for basic trigger, period, motion and exchanges.
Use para for locations, objectives, recipients, deadlines and functions.

Right here’s a way more in-depth put up about por and para:

19. Know How you can Use Direct and Oblique Object Pronouns

Direct and oblique object pronouns are important elements of Spanish grammar, serving to to exchange and make clear the relationships between verbs and the objects they have an effect on in a sentence.

Direct Object Pronouns substitute the direct object of a verb, which is the particular person or factor instantly affected by the motion of the verb. They’re:

  • Me (me): me
  • Te (you): you (casual singular)
  • Lo (him/it, masculine): him/it
  • La (her/it, female): her/it
  • Nos (us): us
  • Os (you all): you all (casual plural)
  • Los (them, masculine): them
  • Las (them, female): them

Oblique Object Pronouns substitute the oblique object of a verb, which signifies to or for whom or what the motion of the verb is finished. They’re:

  • Me (to/for me): to/for me
  • Te (to/for you): to/for you (casual singular)
  • Le (to/for him, her, it): to/for him, her, it
  • Nos (to/for us): to/for us
  • Os (to/for you all): to/for you all (casual plural)
  • Les (to/for them): to/for them

To get extra into the Spanish direct object pronouns, try this put up:

20. Work on the Spanish Subjunctive

That is the ultimate frontier of Spanish, and needless to say even native audio system get the subjunctive temper unsuitable, so no worries if this one takes you some time to get down. That’s why it’s final on the checklist!

The subjunctive temper is a verb type used to specific numerous attitudes, together with doubt, uncertainty, wishes, feelings and hypothetical conditions. 

To type the subjunctive temper, the conjugation of the verb typically modifications in comparison with its indicative type. For instance, the primary particular person current subjunctive of hablar (to talk) is hable (I communicate).

To get on the highway to mastering this closing frontier of Spanish, see this put up:


If you happen to’ve adopted this put up step-by-step fastidiously, then you’re completely on the highway to fluency.

To listen to how native audio system truly use all of those factors, strive watching movies in Spanish, listening to Spanish podcasts or trying right into a language studying program like FluentU.

Keep in mind that if you happen to put the work into it, you’ll enhance your Spanish by leaps and bounds.

Comfortable studying!

And One Extra Factor…

If you happen to’ve made it this far which means you most likely get pleasure from studying Spanish with participating materials and
will then love FluentU.

Different websites use scripted content material. FluentU makes use of a pure method that helps you ease into the Spanish language and tradition over time. You’ll be taught Spanish because it’s truly spoken by actual folks.

FluentU has all kinds of movies, as you possibly can see right here:


FluentU brings native movies inside attain with interactive transcripts. You’ll be able to faucet on any phrase to look it up immediately. Each definition has examples which have been written that can assist you perceive how the phrase is used. If you happen to see an attention-grabbing phrase you don’t know, you possibly can add it to a vocab checklist.


Assessment a whole interactive transcript beneath the Dialogue tab, and discover phrases and phrases listed beneath Vocab.


Study all of the vocabulary in any video with FluentU’s strong studying engine. Swipe left or proper to see extra examples of the phrase you’re on.


The perfect half is that FluentU retains observe of the vocabulary that you just’re studying, and provides you additional apply with troublesome phrases. It’s going to even remind you when it’s time to assessment what you’ve realized. Each learner has a really personalised expertise, even when they’re studying with the identical video.

Begin utilizing the FluentU web site in your pc or pill or, higher but, obtain the FluentU app from the iTunes or Google Play retailer. All annual subscriptions now on sale!

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