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Learn how to Say “Thank You” in 11 Completely different Languages

Final Up to date on November 16, 2023 by AIFS Overseas

Although Thanksgiving is an American custom, folks in international locations around the globe are additionally giving thanks this time of 12 months throughout their very own harvest festivals. If you happen to’re fascinated about learning overseas or interning overseas on one among AIFS Overseas’s many various packages, you’ll most likely have to learn to say “thanks” in your host nation’s language or languages. So, why not apply at this 12 months’s Thanksgiving desk?

Listed below are just a few of the various methods say “thanks” in several languages from around the globe: 

1. Spanish


Pronunciation: graa·see·uhs

2. German 


Pronunciation: dahn-kuh

3. Hungarian 


Pronunciation: koe-ssoe-noem

4. Italian 


Pronunciation: gra-tzee-eh

5. Scottish Gaelic 

Tapadh leat

Pronunciation: TAH-puh LAHT

6. Czech 


Pronunciation: deh-ku-yee

7. French 


Pronunciation: mehr-see

8. Greek 


Roman letters: Efcharistó 

Pronunciation: ef-hari-sto

9. Irish Gaelic 

Go raibh maith agat 

Pronunciation: guh-ruh-mah-a-gut

10 Portugese 


Pronunciation: oh-bree-gah-doh

11. Korean 


Roman letters: Gamsahabnida 

Pronunciation: gam-sab-nee-dah

Impress your loved ones by bringing somewhat worldwide aptitude to your Turkey Day!

Earlier than learning or interning overseas, strive peppering somewhat of your host nation’s language with family and friends. Not solely will it impress them, however it’ll additionally impress the locals while you’re abroad. Even when you can’t converse fluently, somewhat effort goes a great distance!

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