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Learn how to Obtain Learner Transcript (LT) Report utilizing Job APIs

Learner Transcript (LT) Report utilizing Job APIs


  1. Log in as an Integration Admin >> Developer Sources >> API Reference.
  2. Navigate to job : Set of Job APIs
  3. Choose POST /jobs
  4. Submit beneath on the Physique parameter: Go the person group and catalog ID worth for the particular person teams you want to generate a learner transcript.

“sort”: “job”,
“description”: “LT”,
“jobType”: “generateLearnerTranscript”,
“fromDate”: “2022-07-01T18:30:00.000Z”,
“toDate”: “2022-09-14T18:30:00.000Z”,
“userGroups”: “8116645”,
“includeModuleLevelDetails”: “true”,
“enrollmentStatus”: “selectAll”

  1. From the response physique > choose the job ID. Connected is the screenshot for reference.

6. Go to > GET /jobs/id Embrace: Job ID acquired from step 5.

7. From the above response physique > Copy s3Url. Connected is the screenshot for reference.

8. Paste the s3Url on the brand new browser and hit enter; the learner transcript will get downloaded in a excel format.

Be aware: For every admin report, the speed restrict has been determined as 5 per day.

Kindly confer with the beneath recording for the workflow.

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