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Feelings and Bone Power: Are the “Winds of Fear” Weakening Your Bones?

Ever surprise what we’d be capable to study bone well being from our historic ancestors? I’ve. And I’m doing that now as I mirror on my current interview with Ayurvedic grasp and best-selling creator, Acharya Shunya. On this interview, I ask Acharya to debate the traditional Vedic perspective on the hyperlink between emotional stress, fear, and concern and osteoporosis. What I be taught will help every a part of us all—our physique, our thoughts, and our spirit!

Ayurveda is the 5,000-year-old well being science from India, and the subject of Acharya’s award-winning guide, Ayurvedic Way of life Knowledge. As a grasp of Ayurveda, Acharya confirmed my decades-long medical remark that stress, fear, and concern weaken bone. And, going a step additional, Acharya weaves into our dialogue profound but sensible historic options to calm concern and reestablish stability. She graciously affords numerous time-honored mind-body self-awareness practices to calm our apprehensive, fearful minds, selling body-wide bodily, emotional, and psychological stability. My interview with Acharya will calm, uplift, and encourage anybody who harbors fear or outright concern about osteoporosis.

This inspiring interview with Acharya Shunya can be broadcast October 5, 2023. I’m providing it to you, assured that you’ll discover many helpful bone-strengthening knowledge pearls from the traditional science of Ayurveda. Let’s set the stage with a couple of cross-cultural observations, so that you could profit from this interview.

Concern, Fear, and Bone: Glimpses of Ancestral Knowledge

1000’s of years earlier than up to date neuroscientists like Dr. Candice Pert found the “molecules of emotion,” the traditional well being sciences of each India and China codified the influence of feelings on well being.

Via eager remark of Nature and deep religious consciousness, ancestral wisdom-driven medical methods similar to Ayurveda and Conventional Chinese language Medication (TCM) declared that psychological stress and adverse feelings, significantly concern, and its little one fear, created system-wide imbalance. Unfavourable feelings, they declared, weakened the physique’s whole system, and particularly eroded the strongest of all tissues, the bones.

Conventional Chinese language Medication (TCM)

Because the renown Qi Gong Grand Grasp, Dr. Nan Lu, as soon as informed me as we squeezed right into a crowded elevator in his New York Metropolis workplace, “Susan, you’ll by no means remedy the issue of osteoporosis as a result of osteoporosis is straight associated to concern and concern abounds on this tradition.”

Because it seems, historic conventional Chinese language medication, like Ayurveda, developed a medical system based mostly on 5 fundamental elemental constructing blocks of life. In TCM these are fireplace, water, metallic, earth, and wooden. Every component has its personal set of qualities and duties, every interacting with all of the others, and every ruling a specific meridian power pathway.

This life-encompassing and life-explaining TCM principle was often known as the “5 Aspect Principle.” What’s attention-grabbing to me about this complicated medical mannequin is that these ancients discovered concern to be the emotion most damaging to bone. This adverse influence was because of the pernicious impact that concern had on the kidney-adrenal meridian system—the energetic system controlling bone. Even right now, many of the conventional Chinese language medicines for bone are natural formulation that deal with kidney imbalance.

The Historical Well being Science of Ayurveda

After which there may be Ayurveda, the traditional medical system which most fascinates me. Ayurveda, like conventional Chinese language Medication, views the body-mind-spirit complicated as one built-in unit. As with Conventional Chinese language Medication, Ayurveda is predicated on the precept of stability and concord throughout the physique, thoughts, and spirit. Alteration to anyone a part of the system impacts the entire. As you’ll hear in my interview with Acharya Shunya, Ayurveda additionally hyperlinks osteoporosis with concern and fear.

The Ayurvedic mannequin additionally accommodates 5 fundamental elemental constructing blocks of life. These are area, air, fireplace, water, and earth. When discussing human well being, these 5 components are collapsed into three “doshas,” that’s, three distinct power patterns or structure sorts. These “doshas” or constitutional sorts are “Vata,” related to the weather of air and area, “Pitta,” related to fireplace and water, and “Kapha,” related to the weather of earth and water.

As Acharya and I talk about the hyperlink between concern and osteoporosis, you will notice that one specific physique kind, Vata, is extra vulnerable to creating osteoporosis. Comprised of air and area components, Vata is fast paced, drying, and changeable just like the wind, and inclined to fret and nervousness. (Thus, my weblog title reference to the “winds of fear.”)

Having a level of “Vata” imbalance myself, once I step again and quietly observe my ideas, I discover gusts of fear. I really feel the “winds of fear” and have come to understand that if I put my consideration to them they develop stronger. If, nevertheless, I chill out and take a couple of deep breaths after which consciously direct my consideration to extra nice ideas, the winds of fear fade away. I’ve come to understand the ability of selecting what I need to put my consideration on. How about for you? Have you ever ever felt the “winds of fear” and in that case, how do you deal with them?

What Is Your Dosha Constitutional Stability?

In preparation for this interview with Acharya Shunya, let’s return to the subject of “doshas” or constitutional sorts and lay a little bit groundwork for the interview.

Beneath is a chart itemizing typical qualities of every dosha constitutional kind. Most of us have some qualities of every dosha, with one predominating. These of us manifesting extra “Vata” qualities are extra vulnerable to develop osteoporosis. In preparation for the upcoming broadcast of my interview with Acharya Shunya, you may take a minute and take a look at the chart beneath. What number of traits of every physique kind describe you?

In case you are a part of my “Skinny and Nervous Tribe,” or in any other case involved about bone well being, Acharya’s discuss on the traditional well being science of Ayurveda will empower you with easy practices for charting your transfer from fear and concern to fear-free, self-empowered mindfulness. I’m charting that path for myself—why not be a part of me!


Extra details about Acharya Shunya and Ayurveda:

Her Web site:

Her Books:

  • Ayurveda Way of life Knowledge: A Full Prescription to Optimize Your Well being, Stop Illness, and Stay with Vitality and Pleasure, Sounds True, 2017.
  • Sovereign Self: Declare Your Interior Pleasure and Freedom with the Empowering Knowledge of the Vedas, Upanishads, and Bhagavad Gita, Sounds True, 2020.
  • Roar Like a Goddess: Each Girl’s Information to Turning into Unapologetically Highly effective, Affluent and Peaceable, Sounds True, 2022.



Dr. Susan BrownI’m Dr. Susan E Brown. I’m a medical nutritionist, medical anthropologist, author and motivational speaker. Study my time-tested 6 step pure method to bone well being in my on-line programs.

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