Wednesday, February 21, 2024

By no means-before-seen antibodies can goal many flu viruses

An illustration of the influenza A virus, displaying the important thing floor proteins, hemagglutinin (in purple) and neuraminidase (in darkish pink), that the virus makes use of to contaminate cells.  (Picture credit score: selvanegra through Getty Photographs)

A newly found class of antibodies in human blood can neutralize several types of the flu virus and could possibly be key to the event of broadly protecting vaccines in opposition to the seasonal viruses, scientists say.  

Circulating flu viruses continuously mutate, so “we want annual influenza virus vaccines to maintain tempo with persevering with viral evolution,” the researchers behind the invention mentioned in a assertion. “Our work means that the obstacles to eliciting extra broadly protecting immunity could also be surprisingly low,” they mentioned. 

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