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55 third Grade Science Initiatives for the Classroom or Science Truthful

Need to see your college students’ eyes mild up? Inform them they’re going to do an experiment! These third grade science tasks are simple sufficient for any classroom or kitchen, they usually’re stuffed with science ideas youngsters have to study.

To make issues even simpler, we’ve rated each certainly one of these third grade science experiments primarily based on problem and supplies:


  • Straightforward: Low or no-prep experiments you are able to do just about any time
  • Medium: These take just a little extra setup or an extended time to finish
  • Superior: Experiments like these take a fairly large dedication of time or effort


  • Primary: Easy objects you most likely have already got round the home
  • Medium: Gadgets that you just may not have already got however are simple to get your palms on
  • Superior: These require specialised or costlier provides to finish

Bounce to:

third Grade Science Truthful Initiatives

Use these concepts to construct a third grade science truthful venture. Kind your individual speculation, alter the variables, and see what occurs!

Uncover the chemistry of slime

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

Children adore slime, and it’s really a terrific technique to train them about polymers. Be taught the fundamentals of slime chemistry, then experiment with the formulation to make your individual distinctive concoctions.

Make solar prints to show

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

You’ll want particular sun-print paper for this venture, nevertheless it’s cheap and simple to seek out. Children study chemical reactions as they use the ability of the solar to create distinctive artworks.

Experiment with ice, salt, and water temperature

Two glasses of water, one with ice and a thermometer
123 Homeschool 4 Me

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

This easy experiment requires solely water, ice, salt, and a thermometer. Your third grade science class can discover how ice and salt have an effect on the temperature, a easy however efficient lesson on warmth switch and freezing factors.

Be taught extra: Ice, Salt, and Temperature at 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Experiment with colours

Tissue paper flowers dyed using chromatography. Text reads
123 Homeschool 4 Me

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

Mess around with colours, combine them collectively, after which use just a little science magic to tug them aside once more. This chromatography science venture requires solely easy provides like espresso filters and markers.

Be taught extra: Chromatography at 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Perceive the science behind tub bombs

Two pastel bath bombs and a glass of fizzing water
Studying Speculation

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Medium

Tub bombs actually make tub time extra enjoyable, however what makes them work? Discover chemical reactions and get squeaky clear all on the similar time!

Be taught extra: Tub Bomb Science at Studying Speculation

Examine the results of abrasion

Science student pouring water onto two tin pans of soil, one with plants and one without
Third Grade Thinkers

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Evaluate the results of “rain” on hills of naked soil vs. these coated with grass. Have your third grade science college students predict which they assume will stand as much as erosion higher after which take a look at their hypotheses.

Be taught extra: Erosion Experiment at Third Grade Thinkers

Give flowers a glow-up

Flowers with their vascular systems glowing blue and green under black light
Tamara “Tamawi” Horne

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

This one will make youngsters’ eyes come out of their heads! Use highlighters and a black-light flashlight to disclose the vascular system of flowers.

Be taught extra: Plant’s Vascular System at Tamara “Tamawi” Horne

Develop micro organism from widespread surfaces

Collection of petri dishes growing mold, labeled fridge, hand, fish tank, and more
Happiness Is Right here

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Medium

There’s by no means been a greater time to study the best way germs unfold! Take samples from quite a lot of surfaces, then watch micro organism develop in petri dishes similar to grown-up scientists.

Be taught extra: Rising Germs at Happiness Is Right here

Take friction for a journey

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Medium

Your college students will love pulling their method throughout the ground as they uncover extra about friction and its results on movement. Construct your individual “sled” or use a premade field or tray.

Craft fossils from glue

Red clay with an impression of a twig. The impression is filled with white glue.

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

Create clay molds of pure objects, then fill them with faculty glue to make your individual “fossil” casts. It is a nice venture to attempt earlier than a visit to the pure historical past museum.

Be taught extra: Glue Fossils at

Go inexperienced with recycled paper

Science student making recycled paper using a wood frame covered in wire mesh
Undercover Classroom

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Medium

We discuss rather a lot about recycling and sustainability lately, so present youngsters the way it’s achieved! Recycle previous worksheets or different papers utilizing display and movie frames.

Be taught extra: Recycled Paper at Undercover Classroom

Filter sediment from soiled water

Science student pouring dirty water through a plastic cup into a jar below
Educate Beside Me

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Discover sediments and water filtration with this simple third grade science experiment. It’s a enjoyable technique to study extra in regards to the water cycle.

Be taught extra: Water Filtration at Educate Beside Me

Put collectively a compost bottle

Compost bin built in a two liter soda bottle, with child pouring water into it
Busy Mommy Media

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Be taught in regards to the decomposition of meals and the way composting can present vitamins for rising extra meals with this simple earth science venture.

Be taught extra: Soda Bottle Compost at Busy Mommy Media

Sprout new potatoes

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Potatoes develop from tuberous roots, and below the precise situations, new shoots seem from these roots. This third grade science experiment explores the organic science behind cloning.

Use flowers to study acid rain

Three yellow daisies in jars labeled water, slightly acidic, and acidic
Little Bins for Little Palms

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Have you ever ever questioned what occurs to crops when they’re uncovered to acid rain? Your college students can discover out by conducting a easy acid rain experiment utilizing flowers and vinegar!

Be taught extra: Acid Rain Experiment at Little Bins for Little Palms

Preserve apples from turning brown

Apple slides in small white bowls, labeled with a variety of liquids including vinegar and milk
Educate Beside Me

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

What’s the very best technique to maintain sliced apples from turning brown? Discover out with this fashionable third grade science venture.

Be taught extra: Apple Browning at Educate Beside Me

Fizz it up with antacid

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Fizzy unbelievable enjoyable! Find out about chemical reactions by mixing water and effervescent antacid tablets to see what occurs, evaluating the time it takes for complete tablets and small items.

Drop objects to study gravity

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Do heavier objects fall sooner than lighter ones? Do this hands-on gravity exercise for third graders to seek out out!

third Grade STEM Problem Initiatives

Use these STEM challenges as the premise for science truthful venture concepts, or attempt them as in-class science actions your third graders will love!

Design a candy-delivery machine

Candy delivery machine built of drinking straws
123 Homeschool 4 Me

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Find out about inclined planes with this enjoyable simple-machines venture. Children can get inventive and develop any type of supply system they like!

Be taught extra: Sweet Machine at 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Decide essentially the most waterproof roof

Third grade science student spraying water on a LEGO house with a wood roof
Science Sparks

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Calling all future engineers! Construct a home from LEGO, then experiment to see what sort of roof prevents water from leaking inside.

Be taught extra: Waterproof Roof at Science Sparks

Run marble races with pool noodles

Pool noodles turned into a simple marble race track
The Techy Instructor

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

Crack open a pool noodle or two and create your individual marble racetracks. Experiment with angles, drive, and floor supplies to seek out the quickest technique to get the marble to the underside. (Discover extra enjoyable methods to make use of pool noodles within the classroom right here.)

Be taught extra: Pool Noodle Marble Races at The Techy Instructor

Construct a greater umbrella

Science student pouring water over a cupcake wrapper propped on wood craft sticks
Elevating Lifelong Learners

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Problem college students to engineer the absolute best umbrella from varied family provides. Encourage them to plan, draw blueprints, and take a look at their creations, utilizing the scientific technique.

Be taught extra: Greatest Umbrella STEM Problem at Elevating Lifelong Learners

Assemble a marshmallow catapult

Tissue box modified with pencils and rubber bands to create a toy catapult
Frugal Enjoyable for Boys and Ladies

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Fling some candy treats within the identify of science! All you want is an previous tissue field, pencils, rubber bands, and some different provides to study trajectory, air resistance, gravity, and extra.

Be taught extra: Tissue Field Catapult at Frugal Enjoyable for Boys and Ladies

Blow by means of a water whistle

Science student blowing through a crooked straw into a glass of water
My Baba

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Be taught in regards to the science of sound with this simple experiment. Children will love constructing their very own whistles from straws and a glass of water.

Be taught extra: Water Whistle at My Baba

Step by means of an index card

Science student holding an index card cut in a way that forms a large opening
Mess for Much less

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

With rigorously positioned scissor cuts on an index card, you may make a loop massive sufficient to suit a (small) human physique by means of! Children will likely be wowed as they study floor space.

Be taught extra: Index Card Experiment at Mess for Much less

Assemble a Hero’s engine

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Primary

Sir Isaac Newton got here up with guidelines about how issues work on the earth. Certainly one of these guidelines known as Newton’s third legislation. It says that “for each motion, there’s an equal and reverse response.” Do an experiment along with your third graders to study extra about this rule!

Mannequin the impact of air drag

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

To study in regards to the position of drag in flight, college students can fold paper planes in numerous types and observe how these adjustments have an effect on the space and flight sample of the planes. Flip this third grade science venture right into a enjoyable competitors to see which aircraft flies the farthest or stays within the air the longest.

Put collectively an anemometer

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Primary

This quite simple climate instrument is simple sufficient for youths to construct, permitting them to look at and assume like an actual meteorologist.

Magnet and Electrical energy Science Experiments for third Grade

These surprising (OK, not actually!) electrical energy experiments will match properly into many third grade science curriculum packages. Give them a attempt within the classroom, or encourage an curiosity in science at residence.

Assemble a easy circuit

Simple circuit in the open position, light bulb lit
Science Initiatives

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Medium

To check the conductivity of various supplies, your college students can use a easy electrical circuit. Put money into just a few of those cheap devices to permit for all types of third grade science tasks.

Be taught extra: Easy Circuits at Science Initiatives

Flip a security pin right into a circuit

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Medium

Searching for a good simpler easy circuits venture? This one requires just a few provides you may seize on the ironmongery shop and an abnormal on a regular basis security pin.

Examine how liquids have an effect on magnets

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

Are magnets equally efficient in water? What about oil or a thicker liquid like, say, a milkshake? This could make for a straightforward third grade science truthful venture that’s enjoyable too.

Ask a magnet to bop

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

That is so cool! Make a magnet dance with out touching it on this exercise that’s half STEM problem, half magnet experiment, and 100% wonderful.

Seize lightning in a bottle

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Medium

Effectively, it’s not fairly that dramatic, however this cool electrical energy experiment for third grade will nonetheless wow your college students.

Separate salt and pepper with static electrical energy

Spoon charged with static electricity separating pepper from salt
Science Kiddo

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

If you combine up salt and pepper, you’d assume it could be nearly inconceivable to separate them once more. However utilizing just a little static electrical energy and a plastic spoon, it’s surprisingly easy.

Be taught extra: Separate Salt and Pepper at Science Kiddo

Discover static electrical energy with leaping goop

A mix of cornstarch and oil attracted to an orange balloon by static electricity
Frugal Enjoyable for Boys and Ladies

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Your college students have most likely tried rubbing a balloon on their heads to create static electrical energy with their hair. This experiment is even cooler to see, as a mixture of cornstarch and oil appears to leap off the spoon in entrance of their eyes!

Be taught extra: Static Electrical energy Goop at Frugal Enjoyable for Boys and Ladies

Predict the space of lightning

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

This climate science experiment by no means fails to impress. Use a stopwatch to measure the distinction between the flash and the sound of lightning and thunder, then calculate the space between you and the strike.

Discover your method with a DIY compass

DIY compass made from a needle floating in water
STEAM Powered Household

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Right here’s an previous traditional that by no means fails to impress. Magnetize a needle and float it on the water’s floor—it should at all times level north.

Be taught extra: DIY Compass at STEAM Powered Household

Defy gravity with magnets and paper clips

Two stacks of colorful blocks supporting a stick with magnets attached, and paperclips hanging from the magnets
Buggy and Buddy

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

Magnets are at all times successful within the classroom. Use this easy experiment to find extra about gravity and the results of magnets on metallic objects.

Be taught extra: Magnet Gravity at Buggy and Buddy

Extra third Grade Science Initiatives and Actions

These science experiments for third graders discover all types of ideas, from the legal guidelines of movement to earth and planetary science and past.

Flick pennies to study inertia

Third grade science student flicking an index card out from underneath a stack of pennies suspended over a cup of water
Frugal Enjoyable for Boys and Ladies

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

That is a kind of science experiments that type of seems to be like magic, nevertheless it’s actually all in regards to the legal guidelines of movement. It’d take just a little follow to get the index card flick excellent, however the outcomes are at all times cool!

Be taught extra: Penny Inertia at Frugal Enjoyable for Boys and Ladies

See the temperature rise in a chemical response

Steel wool in vinegar in a beaker, with a thermometer (Third Grade Science)
123 Homeschool 4 Me

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

When iron meets oxygen, rust varieties. Use vinegar to take away the protecting coat from metal wool and watch the temperature rise from the chemical response.

Be taught extra: Thermal Response at 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Float an iceberg

Paper boat floating in a dish with a large chunk of ice
Science Sparks

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Use a balloon to make an iceberg, then float it in a dish of water to learn the way a lot you may see above and beneath the waterline. Strive experimenting with salt water to see how the density adjustments issues.

Be taught extra: Icebergs at Science Sparks

Take a Play-Doh core pattern

Layers of differently colored playdough with straw holes punched throughout all the layers
Line Upon Line Studying

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Be taught in regards to the layers of the Earth by constructing them out of Play-Doh. Then college students can take a core pattern with a straw. (Love Play-Doh? Get extra studying concepts right here.)

Be taught extra: Core Sampling at Line Upon Line Studying

Spin a disappearing colour wheel

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Colour a paper disk with the six main and secondary colours. Then thread a string by means of the center and make it spin. The colours will appear to vanish!

Crystallize some fairly fall leaves

Yellow, red, and green leaves crystalized in a boric acid solution

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

Each child loves making crystals. On this third grade science venture, study supersaturated options by crystallizing some colourful fall leaves. Then use them as fall classroom decor!

Be taught extra: Salt Crystal Leaves at STEAMsational

Discover a robotic’s heart of gravity

Child balancing a paper robot on their nose
Buggy and Buddy

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Print out, lower, and colour this free paper robotic. Then glue some cash to the again and have your college students attempt to discover its heart of gravity!

Be taught extra: Balancing Robotic at Buggy and Buddy

Make your individual bouncing bubbles

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Have your third grade science college students placed on gloves and watch the bubbles bounce! Then encourage them to experiment with their very own bubble resolution. Strive completely different soaps, mixing up the ratios to make the strongest bubble potential.

Mission the celebrities in your ceiling

Science student poking holes in the bottom of a paper cup in the shape of a constellation
Thriller Science

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Use the video lesson within the hyperlink beneath to show third grade science college students why stars are solely seen at evening. Then create a DIY star projector to discover the idea hands-on.

Be taught extra: Star Projector at Thriller Science

Blow bubbles inside bubbles inside bubbles

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Primary

If there’s a extra enjoyable third grade science venture about floor rigidity than bubbles, we haven’t discovered it but! Create a cleaning soap resolution by utilizing dissolved sugar and uncover extra about elasticity and quantity as you blow bubbles inside bubbles inside bubbles …

Use water balloons to discover buoyancy

Water balloons labeled with items like salt and sugar in a big red bin
123 Homeschool 4 Me

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Fill water balloons with completely different options (oil, salt water, plain water, and so forth.) and place the balloons in a big bucket of water to see in the event that they sink or float. It is a cool venture to do along with your third grade science class on the playground on a sunny day.

Be taught extra: Balloon Density at 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Find out how water temperature impacts density

Colorful water in layers in double glass jars

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Searching for a easy, fast, and colourful science experiment? This one simply requires some mason jars, cold and hot water, and meals coloring. Children will likely be amazed on the outcomes!

Be taught extra: Water Density Experiment at STEAMsational

Dissolve cups to study kinds of change

Styrofoam cups in a tin of liquid, one half dissolved
The Owl Instructor

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Educate your third grade science class in regards to the variations between bodily and chemical adjustments with this fast and simple experiment involving Styrofoam cups.

Be taught extra: Dissolving Cups at The Owl Instructor

Flip crayons into rocks

Crayon shavings melted and pressed together to simulate types of rocks
The Owl Instructor

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Reveal the results of warmth and stress on crayon shavings to elucidate the several types of rocks to college students. It’s a colourful intro to geology!

Be taught extra: Crayon Rocks at The Owl Instructor

 Stab a straw by means of a potato

Man's hand stabbing a sweet potato with a drinking straw

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Plastic straws could seem flimsy, however by utilizing the ability of air stress, you may make one sturdy sufficient to stab all over a potato!

Be taught extra: Stab a Potato at KiwiCo

Shake up some ice cream

Bowl of ice cream with text reading Ice Cream in a Bag
Mother of 6

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Get youngsters up and transferring once they shake their technique to ice cream, constituted of scratch utilizing ice and plastic zipper luggage! Discuss heating and cooling in addition to condensation when you get pleasure from your snack.

Be taught extra: Ice Cream in a Bag at Mother of 6

Look at pine cones opening and shutting

3rd grade science experiment about how pinecones change their shape based on humidity.
Parenting Chaos

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Primary

Pine cones can sense adjustments in humidity and regulate their scales in response. Collect a number of pine cones, glass containers, tweezers, and each cold and hot water to conduct a enjoyable experiment to find what makes pine cones open and shut.

Be taught extra: Pine Cone Experiment at Parenting Chaos

When you favored these third grade science tasks, sustain the STEM enthusiasm with these enjoyable and interesting third grade math video games.

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